Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's in a name?

For years I've had to put up with morons and assholes mispronouncing my name. I've even shortened it to make it easier for those half-wits to figure out. It's not difficult. Jozie. Rhymes with Ozzy. Figure it out. As for my given name, which for those of you who never learned what my given name is, it's Jocelyn. Now I know it's a unique name. Not very common, but seriously, it's not that difficult. Just sound it out. Let me help.
It's not "Jack-lin"- Where the hell did you find an "a" in Jocelyn? I don't see one!
It's not "Jock-lin"- There's an "e" after the "c". Any time "e" follows "c", the "c" makes the same sound as an "s". We learned this in elementary school. Let's all make the sound together. "Sssssss" There, now you all sound like a pit of snakes, or the cast of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" (don't make any comments about how that's not politically correct! I don't f***ing care. And neither do most of my gay friends.)
It's not "Joyce-lin"- Don't add extra letters to my name, asshole. Look at my name. It's J-O-C-E-L-Y-N! It's not that hard. Figure it out!
So for goodness sake, if you can't figure out how to pronounce my name, don't butcher it. Ask me how it's pronounced. I'm less likely to cut out you tongue, but don't assume you're safe from that fate. Depending on what you say after you ask how to pronounce my name, I may still decide you're too stupid for words.

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Christine said...

Gah! I hate it when people do that. My name is Christine, but somehow people like to add an imaginary A and make it Christina. I've even been called Kristen on several occasions.